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    Think yoga is all Downward Dog?

    It isn't.  Poses can easily be adapted to suit you.  This is an adaptation of downward dog.  Same benefit of lengthening the spine, but without putting pressure on the wrists or requiring you to kneel first.  The head is also not below the heart, so suitable for almost anyone.  All my students loved it, even the ones who normally do the downward version of the pose.  As my former teacher Lesley Chittim said: 'You can even use your work surface in the kitchen to the same effect.'  Move the coffee jars etc. first though!

    Make sure that you and the chair are on the same surface. Place the hands on the back of the chair/work surface, keeping the knees bent.  Pull in the abdominal muscles to protect the lower back and walk backwards away from the chair until you are roughly parallel with floor.  Head and neck in line with spine.  To come out of it make sure the abdominals are still pulled in and walk towards the chair.  Lovely for lengthening that spine!  Enjoy! (14)

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    Why not try this 10 min mindfulness practice to calm you down and give you a break from your revision? To enable you to return to it revived and refreshed.  You may even find that you can use it in other areas of your life too. You don't need anything special.  As the website says: 'You will need:  a Chair; a Body; some Air; your Mind. That’s it.' Give it a try!